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Uber Airbrush Expert

"Saving the World from Bad Art"

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                      “Uber Spoony-G”....

is the alter ego of G. Jamison

                                                              who is a

                             Michigan, U.S.A. based multi-media artist. 

 Watch “Uber-G” who is a traditionally trained Painter, Illustrator, Finisher, create Airbrushed Art work for his clients.
  Dedicated to:

 "Saving the World from bad Art and Bad Service".  

Extremely Good Art...From a extremely Good Artist.
Step out from the crowd
and step into the world of custom art.


Uber Airbrushed clothing,shoes,signs and Banners.
 "Uber Spoony-G" has toiled at Mastering his craft for decades, and his techniques and style show through every project he comes across.
 "Uber-G's" meticulous application of specially formulated paints made specificly for each object, allows Pearls,satin, Irridescent and candy effects to be utilized like few artist can do.

"How can you call it custom if it looks like everyone else's?"

With over 15 years in experience in applying text and Graphic Art to objects.....This is “Uber Art” at its finest.  Its not just a job for “Uber Spoony-G” it’s a Life-time obsession that he lives and loves and stands behind 100%...always guaranteed!!

Give your self a look that is specific for your image,

 your personality,

your team and your business.

Bloomfield, Michigan serving the U.S.A. from Detroit to Mackinaw Island and farther.
For Information on your Art Project and Ideas
 drop me a line at or reach out and touch me by calling (989)372-0303